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No one can understand how this is impacting your life, family, and business. Knowing your rights will have a significant impact on mental and physical health, it did for me. askJO came into existence to bring that knowledge and access to everyone. For all that has transpired, I hold space for you and your loved ones. Thank you for taking the time to see if this is what you need.- Always, JO 

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Twisted Networking

Twisted Networking is a relationship building networking event. We want to help you take your business, career or cause to the next level... During our time together, we will engage in 4 unique relationship building activities.  Figure out the TWIST!

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Let's get your family protected!

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Business Solutions

Employee Benefits, Affordable Legal services,  Identity Theft Education, Small Business wrap around support, Sign Language Interpreter, Photographer, Singer, Presenter, Consultant, Coordinator, etc.

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Mystic River Theater Co, Inc

mystic river theatre co. all teen production company is aiming to produce the teen production of be more chill in summer 2019. click here for upcoming fundraising, audition, and much more...


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MRTC Auditions, Somerville, MA 11/10/18

Where are the auditions, how to apply, and more.

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Welch Ledbetter Connection

BMA stage- The Mikes with Tony Branegal, Scot Sutherland, and Anthony Geraci .

2018 Blues Music Award Traditional Blues Album Winners

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Welch/Ledbetter, Legal Shield, Mystic River Theater, Twisted Network... and more!


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Latinx, gig-economy entrepreneur